Overcoming The Dreaded Church Plateau

When you started your church, or when you took over the Pastorate at your church, you were filled with determination and vigor. You couldn’t wait to get started. Every morning when you woke up and sought the Lord, it seemed as though He was directing your every step. You were filled with ideas, and you were filled with a burning fire and a passion for the ministry God had entrusted into your hands.
As time went on, you saw growth. The number of souls that were saved was being added to daily, and you felt as though God was using you, just as he used Peter in the book of Acts. There was no shortage of inspiration when it came to writing your sermons. Each month, God would drop a new nugget in your spirit, and you were eager to share it with your congregation.
Life was good. Your ministry was great, and growing.

Then…it stopped.

Perhaps it took place during the summer when many families take vacations. Or maybe it occurred during the holidays. Regardless of when the growth of your church came to a halt, it happened.

That was when the panic set in.

All Pastors have bumps in the road when it comes to growth in their churches. At first, you hoped that was what you were experiencing – a brief bump. However, as months went by, and things didn’t seem to turn around, you began to really get concerned. Perhaps you tried starting programs, and doing more community outreach. Perhaps you reached out to other Pastors in your area to get some information from them on what they did when they were in a similar situation. Their words were kind, and their ideas were good. They just didn’t work.

The words “church plateau” entered your mind. You had heard of this. You’d heard other Pastors talking about how the growth in their congregation hit an invisible ceiling, of sorts. You’ve heard that they employed many tactics to get things moving in the right direction again. The problem was, none of them worked. You didn’t think this would ever happen to you. However, there you were. Or, maybe…here you are.

There’s a popular belief out there that a experiencing a plateau is just a way of life for the church. The “experts” say that all churches go through these periods of time, and that they’re a normal part of a healthy congregation.

As long as there are unsaved souls in the world, there is still work to be done for the Kingdom. It is the church’s responsibility to reach those people, and draw them into the Kingdom. However, when you feel as though you’re stuck, how do you get moving again?

That’s where Pastor Micheal Spencer comes in. He was in a similar situation, only a few years ago. An experienced coach changed everything for him, as well as for his church. Through his coach’s leadership and teaching, Pastor Spencer broke through that plateau, and began experiencing growth unlike any that he had ever experienced before.

A church plateau only has to be the “norm” for your church if you accept that it is. If you don’t accept it as the norm, and if you want to break free from it, never to visit it again, there is a way to make that happen.
Contact Pastor Spencer today, and take the first step toward real church growth…
…and break FREE from the plateau!

This is a guest post, written by Nicole Colwell, His Tabernacle Family Church Covenant Partner, professional writer, and owner of Colwell Creative Content.



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