Lead! Stop being Led!

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Leadership Training

As a leader it is so easy to just get in the flow of life and then get taken away by the tide.

A second turns in to a minute, a minute turns into an hour, an hour into a day, a day into a week, a week into a month, a month into a year, a year into a decade……….

As GREAT leaders our purpose and call is not to be flowing with life, but helping, and leading others to fulfill the vision.

Marshall Goldsmith stated in his book Mojo, “Our default response in life is to experience inertia.” 

What is inertia?  It is when one moment melds into the next and then time has gone with no change.  Inertia is not our friend, it is our enemy of growth and maturity.

When we as leaders choose to stay in the comfort of inertia we will find those that we are leading will be lulled to sleep as well, except for those who want to excel.  They will look at a leader who has hit the “default” of inertia and choose to walk away in disgust.  

We must NEVER stop growing!

We must NEVER stop learning!

The day we allow inertia to grip our leadership lives is the day we begin our descent to having only those who are slugs surround us.  

Choose to stay challenged!

Today if you are struggling and you find that you are in that rut of inertia, call Dr. Micheal Spencer and he will stir you up and challenge you to bust free from inertia, and empower you to reach your destiny in Christ Jesus!

Go to http://www.empoweringpastors.com and break inertia in your leadership life by reaching out for a coach!


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